Voyager Triple Inline Water Filter System




Voyager Triple Countertop Inline Water Filter System eliminates the impurities of tap water to offer great taste and pureness. It is quick and easy to install and use, attractive, convenient, and effectively removes many contaminants from water.

This solid state water filter uses the latest technologies that blend the adsorption capabilities of coconut shell activated carbon with Eagle Redox Alloy® and more

  • Water travels through 8 stages of filtration:
  • First, water travels through an Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane. Ultrafiltration (UF) is an important purification technology used for the production of high-purity water. UF is effective for the removal of colloids, proteins, bacteria, viruses, parasites, protozoa and pyrogens (e.g., gram-negative bacterial endotoxins), other organic molecules larger than 0.2 micron, and most other water contaminants known today.
  • Next, through a 6-stage cartridge, removes many contaminants from water
  • Then, through a solid carbon cartridge for removing volatile organic carbon compounds (VOC’s, insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents).
  • Conveniently provides 10,000 gallons (1-3 years, or when the flow of water will automatically either stop or slow down greatly.)** of water.
  • Standard size NPT input/output 1/4″; this is size used if not specified in comment section of order processing screen. Unit also available in 3/8″ NPT input/output which would require additional conversion package to be ordered.



Min Operating Pressure: 20 psi (pounds per sq. in.)
Max Operating Pressure: 60 psi (pounds per sq. in.)
Min Operating Temperature: 40 degrees F
Max Operating Temperature: 90 degrees F
Max Flow Rate: 0.5 gallons per minute

Replacement Cartridges

Product Name SKU
UF Filter Cartridge (2-7/8“x9-3/4”) CQE-RC-04055
SMART Filter Cartridge (2-7/8“x9-3/4”) CQE-RC-04002
Carbon Block Filter Cartridge (2-7/8“x9-3/4”) CQE-RC-04000



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Filters 10,000 gallons Multistage PLUS, Filters 20,000 gallons Multistage ULTRA, Filters 30,000 gallons Multistage ULTIMATE