Turbidity Removal

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Turbidity is the term given to anything that is suspended in a water supply. It is found in most surface waters, however doesn’t exist in ground waters aside from in shallow wells and springs after substantial heavy rains. Turbidity gives the water a shady appearance or appears as dirty sediment. Undissolved materials, such as sand, mud, residue or suspended iron add to turbidity. Turbidity can cause the recoloring of sinks and and the staining of textures.

Normally turbidity is measure in NTUs (nephelometric turbidity units). Typical drinking water will have a turbidity level of 0-1 NTU. Turbidity can similarly be measured in mg/l and it’s size is measured in microns.

Excessive turbidity, or darkness, in drinking water is unappealing, and may likewise speak to a health concern. Turbidity can give food and shelter to pathogens. If not removed turbidity can promote regrowth of pathogens in the distributions system, prompting waterborne infection outbreaks, which have caused huge instances of gastroenteritis all through the world.

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