Water Softeners

At TheFiltrationCorner.com our purpose is to supply you with options to choose. When you live in areas with hard water, there are alternatives to suffering the effects of scale build up, staining on your sinks, tubs, showers and clothing. Also you may notice little or none lather from shampoos and soaps. These are symptoms of the need for softened water.

Installing whole house water softeners brings advantages to your home.

Some of these benefits are improved longevity for appliances using water, including washing machines, dishwashers,  coffee makers, etc. Water Softeners helps in the elimination of mineral build up on appliances.

Some have noticed that soap lathers more easily therefore cleaning becomes more effective. One is able to have softer clothing, fabrics last longer and the dingy grey buildup is gone that comes with having hard water.  Others notice their skin and hair are softer.

A filter removes contaminants from the water and basically a water softener is a type of water filter the focuses on removing the minerals that make the water hard.  Water softeners usually only come in two different ways: traditional and salt-free.

If you have a lot of scale build-up and other hard water concerns, you should choose a traditional salt-based water filter, but if you only have mild scale build up from hard water mineral deposits, you may be fine with a salt-free water softener.