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Whether you consume water from a natural source like a well, your city supply, or rainwater, there is always a need to improve its quality. Even water that seems to be very clean may be unsafe to drink since it may contain contaminants such as bacteria and viruses that are invisible.

In the US, most of the water we consume comes from treatment plants that recycle already used water. Although these treatment processes remove most of the contaminants in water, some harmful components may still remain in the piped water. If you don’t invest in further purifying this water personally, it may be unsafe for you to drink.

Water filtration systems purify water improving its taste and rendering it safe for drinking. If you are searching for a reliable water filtration system, TheFiltrationCorner.com will provide the perfect system to match your personal needs and budget. Here, we have carefully picked leading filtration systems in the market and you can be assured to find nothing but premium products.

The working principle of water filtration systems

In general, water filtration is a physical process used to eliminate solids from a liquid suspension. Most water filtration systems are coupled with water purification components to destroy water-polluting bacteria and viruses and eliminate any remaining lousy odor and taste in drinking water.

Back to the filtration process, water passes through a container fitted with a porous material, usually a carbon filter, with an ability to trap even very minute particles. Other than removing these small particles, filters also eliminate any chlorine content and sediments remaining in the water. Most water filtration systems use the reverse osmosis technique not only to remove the suspended solids but also dissolved solids, microorganisms, ions, pesticides and other chemicals in the water.

Filtration cycles are repeated until the water is completely purified. The purified water characterized by a clear look and a great taste can go to your main water source or to a storage tank. On the other hand, the wastewater containing all the contaminants is vented out through a drain line to the sewer.


Management practices needed for a water filtration system

To ensure that the water filtration container installed in your home works effectively, you have to keep an eye on its condition.

First, the filter media needs to be replaced once its absorption limit has been reached. It would be best if you also had frequent laboratory testing to check the water treatment process’s effectiveness. Lastly, the drain line should also be evaluated frequently to ensure that it passes the wastewater and the filtered solids to the sewer system. This maintenance practice will make sure that your filter medium is not clogged up at any particular time.

The bottom line

For clear, great-tasting and safe drinking water, consider investing in a water filtration system. With us, you will find a wide variety of water filters for both household and commercial settings. To improve on the effectiveness of water filtration systems, you should adopt a maintenance routine for the system installed in your space.