Water Coolers

Clean and drinkable water is essential for everyone. Installing Bottleless Water Coolers in offices, homes, and schools gives you the benefit of providing clean safe water through the in-line systems, eliminating the need for plastic or bulky jugs. These can be independent machines, while some are machines mounted on sink tops.

The main advantage is that it dispenses clean and safe water anytime you want. No need to make a special trip to shop and buy a bottle of drinkable water, the water coolers take care of this.

At TheFiltrationCorner.com we offer you Ultrafiltration, Hybrid Ultrafiltration, and Reverse Osmosis systems to choose from to suit your special needs.

Going Bottleless gives you many advantages such as:

Always having water available without the need to be on ordering and delivery schedules. Which eliminates bottled water at home or in the workplace, contributing to a cleaner environment, less paperwork, bottle deposits, and storage.

While we sometimes enjoy the exercise, this will eliminate the back or neck pain when lifting of a heavy  42 lb. bottle to refill the cooler.  Environmentally speaking, these are a great way to reduce the use of plastic bottles and use water in an efficient way without wastage.