Water Filter Pitchers

At TheFiltrationCorner.com we strive to bring you a selection of portable water filter pitcher systems for you to choose from. Each of these systems are an everyday use. Sometimes we need to have the great tasting water filtered and waiting for us in the refrigerator or on the counter ready to use especially with families all drinking healthy filtered water. The water filter pitcher removes contaminants from the water. They are slim, space-efficient and fit neatly into a refrigerator.

Water goes through a journey before it reaches your faucet.  It begins from a natural source such as a lake, river or the ground, and flows through the earth into a treatment center.  Along the way, water can pick up dirt, particulates and other contaminants that can make it hard, smell bad or taste off. Your city water comes to you and with the water filter pitcher this will give you great tasting water reducing the chlorine, chloramine, bad tastes and odors especially if choosing a 4 stage water filter pitcher.