Lead Multimedia



Lead Multimedia

Physical Characteristics:
Color: Black & Gold Granular
Density: 33 pounds per cubic foot

How It Works

Our SMART Multimedia is a special house blend of 2 types of coconut-shell GAC (including Catalytic) with 2 types of Eagle Redox Alloys® (9500 & 6500) and anion exchange resin. This blend effectively reduces and removes heavy metals, chlorine & chloramine, pesticides & herbicides, pharmaceutical by-products & other inorganic substances such as petroleum byproducts. This blend will help the oxidation process of the lead for easier removal. To read about the ERA® Oxidation/Reduction Process, click here.

In addition to the oxidation process, we also include the Crystal Quest Eagle Softener Resin which is a strong acid cation exchange resin. It should be regenerated with either potassium chloride or sodium chloride. Typically, it requires about 10% more salt to regenerate with potassium chloride salt when compared to sodium chloride salt. The advantage of potassium salt is that it does not contribute to a high sodium diet and the backwash can be discharged onto a lawn or garden. Sodium chloride salt will kill plants, so it must be discharged into a sewer system. Salt and Iron Out remove iron levels up to 4 ppm. Media can be regenerated at 8, 12 and 15 lbs. per ft3 salt dosages.