Infra-Red Balls (per pound)



Infra-Red Balls (per pound)

Physical Characteristics:
Color: Red*
Description: Hematite –  Ball sizes: 3-7mm. Weight: 23-78kg.Crystal Quest Far-infrared Ceramic Balls – In addition to acting as an anti-aging agent, far-infrared ceramic balls are known to strengthen the body’s resistance to infectious diseases, increase the oxygen capacity of the blood, improve stress tolerance, improve the balance of blood pressure and blood sugar, and increase ion oxygen and nutrients in cells resulting in increased muscle strength, vitality and mental stability. Natural wavelengths of far infrared light, for example, are known to support bone growth, prevent osteoporosis, regulate hormonal functions and boost the immune system.

  • Contains more than 10 types of minerals emitting Far Infrared Rays
  • Ingredients: Quartz, Hematite
  • Type: Red / 3-7mm / 23-78kg

*Color subject to change.