Fluid-O-Tech 3 GPM Brass Rotary Vane Pump




The Fluid-o-Tech rotary vane pumps official flow rates range between 70 and 400 l/h at 1450 rpm. This vane pumps operate at 1725 rpm and will provide about 20% more capacity, with a maximum of 530 l/h. Maximum discharge pressure is 230 psi (16 bar).

The rotary vane pump is brass made with a stainless steel AISI 303 rotor, while the pumping chamber and the vanes are in carbon graphite. The inlet and outlet ports are 3/8” GAS or NPT threaded. The pumps are designed to be directly mounted to the motor with a stainless steel clamp.


  • Self-priming
  • Quiet operation
  • Pulsation-free flow
  • Long service life