Eaglesorb Anti-Scale (Per Liter)



Eaglesorb Anti-Scale (Per Liter)

For the amount of media required, reference original system purchased.

Physical Characteristics:
Color: White
Density: 28 Lt / 56 pounds per cubic foot

Crystal Quest Eaglesorb Anti-Scale – is a salt-less, non-chemical, hard water treatment medium. When using Eaglesorb ES3, nothing is added to the water. Calcium carbonate crystals formed by ES3 remain dissolved in water. ES3 prevents scale buildup and dissolves previous buildup. ES3 eliminates scaling on the surface of heat sources, fixtures and appliances. Pre-treatment is required for iron, manganese, copper, oil, chloride, hydrogen sulfide, phosphate and chlorine above 3 PPM.

When hardness levels appear at 25 gpg (grains per gallon) or higher pre-treatment or additional media may be required.  Please consult a specialist for this condition.


Anti-scale Safety Data Sheet

Anti-scale Product Data Sheet